Friday, October 31, 2014


You may not have thought about fairies since you were a child—but they exist! They are beginning to interact more and more with humans whom they think can help our ailing planet.

If you wish to connect with the fae, but have not seen one, you will discover that there are many different pathways to fairyland because you arrive at the fairy pathway by your own personal route. It all depends on the particular aspect of their realm that you are drawn to. If you are interested in working with the environment or crystal healing, then it would be the gnomes who you will attract and become aware of first of all. If you spend a lot of time in your garden and enjoy the flowering plants, then it would be the flower fairies who initiate contact through your dreams or meditations, before appearing before you. Many people are now seeing fairies, although most people perceive them through creative inspirations, intuitive feelings, meditation, or dreams. The more you think about them, the more likely you are to see them or perceive them with your subtle senses. 

If you do manage to visit Fairyland, either in meditation or in the dream state, there are certain rules that you must follow without fail. Never, but never partake of any food or drink, however tempting it may appear at the time. Never ever dance, because eating, drinking or dancing can lead to fairy entrapment for the unwary, and can lead to perilous circumstances. We all love fairies; they exist. However, they exist under a different set of rules, and these rules must be respected.

If you are clairvoyant, or even if you are not, and you are thinking of visiting fairyland, please read the book, “The Secret Lives of Elves and Fairies.”  This is from the Private Journal of the Rev. Robert Kirk. It describes exactly what to do and what not to do.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sacrament of the Last Supper

The most famous modern interpretation of the Last Supper has to be that of Salvador Dali in his “The Sacrament of The Last Supper,” which hangs in the Chester Dale Collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C.

This is absolutely striking proof that this historic subject will never lose its appeal for the artist. In Spain, Dali painted it along classical lines. He depicted the whole scene as seemingly floating in space to suggest the highly spiritual nature of the event.

The dodecahedron, that twelve-sided figure that Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher said was the symbol of the universe seems to float above the table. Dali centered his theme upon “The Sacrament of the Last Supper” instead of merely “The Last Supper” as all the others painters seem to have done.

We indeed wonder if there will be more versions of this wonderful subject in the years to come. It is one of the most challenging scenes in the Bible, and I feel other modern painters in the future will again take up the challenge to render the spiritual side of this Biblical event.

Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Lynette has written several in-depth books on the esoteric and you will find her books on the AppStore:

The Secret of Mental Creation

Do you often day-dream? There comes a time when your dreams must be brought into the light of day if you are persistent, but do you put yourself into the category of one of the thousands whose thoughts never get beyond the stage of wistful thinking about what you want or what you want to do?

Do you often come out of a daydream thinking,  “If only I could make it real?” All things, all manifestations, begin with thought; it is what follows that thought that may lift you from the class of those who hope and dream, into those who can manifest what they want.

Thought energy, like anything else, can be dissipated, or it can be used to produce actual effects. If you know how to construct your thoughts, you can stimulate the creative processes within your mind and through them, you can assemble the conditions that you desire to make your life a happy one of accomplishment.

Mental creating does not depend upon any magical process. It consists of knowing how to marshal your thoughts into a powerful energy that draws and organizes your experiences into a worth-while design of living.

What tomorrow, next week, or the years ahead will bring to you in the way of success and material goods is largely up to youself.  Your mind is naturally creative. Through proper application of your thinking processes, you can, in your mind’s eye visualize a desired goal, and through such visualization actually bring this goal into manifestation.

Creatlve power like this is natural, and based on simple laws that can be utilized by everyone capable of thought. There is little cause today for the average man and woman to go through life a victim of circumstances, when this divine power lies inside everyone.

Remember that energy follows thought, so HOLD IN YOUR MIND AND YOUR THOUGHTS WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE. Never, but never think about what you DON’T want as that will surely outmanifest.

Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Lynette has written several in-depth books on the esoteric and you will find her books on the App Store:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Listen to your Intuition

If you are prepared to put some time and effort into it, you will find that intuition is really quite a natural process that most people can access, but few rarely do. Even if it is accessed, some will brush it off as merely imagination. Intuition relies on trusting subtle impressions that you receive when you ask a question, or it may come as a warning about something. The answers just feel right somehow, and if you trust in the process, you will find that life will begin to run more smoothly because of this intuitive awareness that comes to your assistance. Some people like to call this “guidance.” And in a way it is. The more you practice listening to your guidance, the more it will work for you. It is the same as any other talent—it needs to be practiced to work well. However, you do need discernment as to whether you can trust your intuition. It may be coming from your own brain centres or emotional body.

One way to check if your intuition is genuine, is simply by asking the question: “Is this information coming from my Higher Self?” The Higher Self will always answer immediately, without hesitation, in a positive, uplifting manner. If the answer is hesitant or seems unsure when you question it, the information is probably coming from the emotional level, or from the brain centres. If the answer has indeed come from the Higher Self, it will still be there, and you will feel steady and sure that this is right for you. If you would like more information on how to develop your intuition further, you will find some tips below.

1. Meditation and relaxation
Meditation is an excellent way to develop your intuitive awareness. There are various meditation techniques available today, and it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. Highly active people like moving meditations while running or jogging, while more passive types like to sit or lie down to meditate. As relaxation is a natural side effect of meditating, this can be an excellent way to start. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness in the form of visions, the inner voice, or just through your awareness.

2. A positive state of mind brings success
Never let the stresses of every day living impact upon you. Look upon them as tests on the pathway of life. This will do much to improve your intuitive ability. When you remain positive, you naturally tune into the more positive streams of energy available, and this makes it much easier to use your intuitive ability.

3.  Listen to the inner voice
If you need to make an important decision, release any tension you may be holding, relax your body by doing a few stretches, and then let go of all unnecessary problems, and head off to quiet, peaceful surroundings where you can tune in and listen to your inner voice; that voice is always there—but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions enough to hear it. Allow some time for your intuition to filter through to your conscious mind. If you are a little stressed, it is like stirring up a muddy pond—you have to wait till the sediment settles so you can get a clear answer. With a little practice you will reap benefits you have only ever dreamed about. You can also try out this great meditation on our youtube channel.

Further information on other interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College ofEsoteric Education.

Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Lynette has written several in-depth books on the esoteric and you will find her books on the App Store:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Do You Want Your Own Digital Magazine?

Do you have the knowledge and the know how in your particular field? Do you want to share that information with others, and assist them on their journey? If you are unsure about how to do it—we may just have the answer you are looking for.

When people begin searching for, and wanting specific information, the easiest way to get it in today’s world, is in some form of digital format that is quick and easy to access. The information I am about to share with you is designed to provide you with an avenue of sharing your knowledge with others in a fantastic and very easy way.

When people genuinely search for such information, someone or something comes along at the right time. That time is NOW for a lot of people. In these times of stressful living, more and more people are seeking a deeper answer to life’s meaning. If you have the answer—share it today through this wonderful opportunity!

As a student of Ed Dale, I had the opportunity to publish my own magazine through his Magcast platform. So I have put together a great resource for those interested in the deeper forms of meditation, and called the magazine Esoteric Meditation.  It is available on the app Store globally, and I am so excited about my magazine, and now have the opportunity to help others create their own. 
If you would like further information, please click this link:

Friday, February 1, 2013

What is the Power Within?

Whether you believe it or not, all human beings are created equal; all arrive on this earth plane with only their body (accompanied of course with other subtle bodies, brain centres and facets), and they depart from it in the same way, leaving the body to the destructive elements of the earth, as it can no longer be used in the advancement of the soul. During the interlude on the earth plane, each one has the same struggle for survival, the same basic body to train and develop, and the same brain to think and reason. But each does not have the same opportunities. This is the great philosophical problem or question! Why is this so? These and similar questions will be answered in the following magazines. "Esoteric Meditation" available on the iPad. 


Let me tell you something about enchanted or spirited items. These vessels have spirit attachments; human, djinn, djinnya, khodam, watchers, unicorn, pegasus, gnomes, elves and other fae, and other paranormal entities and dimensions. I was blessed from an early age with a special gift. Not only do I channel the paranormal, I also write about it.

On occasion I pass on haunted or enchanted items, because I attract so many I can’t look after them all. Spirits can attach themselves to many different types of things. Every thing from homes, to pieces of jewelry, dolls, which can be their favourite vessel, to other household items, and sacred relics. You can even invite a spirit to follow you home if you wish, then assist it to return to its own realm.  After a while, if the entity has a teaching function, or it wishes to pass information on to others, the spirit will stay and use the item as a portal to connect with others still on the Earth plane.

Some ask that the vessel be passed on to a new family, or a person, that may need their help or guidance. All the items I have, possess positive spirits. I never deal in anything evil or negative in any way. If I am made aware of such beings, they are immediately dispatched by Archangel Michael to their own appropriate place. My items have brought me much joy over the years, and I love to pass them on so they can continue their journey. You can learn more about me at my website. Also you can visit my face book page. Or you can follow me on twitter.

So, what can spirits or entities attach to? Really, they can attach themselves to anything and everything. Something as small as a piece of jewelry or something as large as a ship. Sometimes, you can purchase dolls, jewelry, books, paintings, furniture, trinkets from a second hand shop and not even know there is a attachment to it until the ghost or spirit decides to use the vessel and come out in some way.

I am bringing this information forward because this will become a more common occurrence as we move into the higher frequencies of the new age. Do not be afraid, ask the spirit or entity what it has to pass on to you—then ask it if it is ready to return to its own realm.

If you are fortunate enough to have this experience or want this experience, and you are unsure of what is happening please email me and I will help you. Please handle your enchanted items with love and with care and always respect them, they are a living entity just like you. By doing this your enchanted item may do the following:

Show to you full bodied apparitions, let you hear their disembodied voices, show you their spirit orbs, show flashes of light, show you swirls of smoke or fire, (only djinn) mists, you may hear knocking, you may hear footsteps, see shapes, you may have electrical disturbance and so on. If you walk through one, you will feel it like cold tingles that give you goose bumps. They may shift the vessel to another location.

They can also help you with :
Strengthening your Psychic Senses
Increase your Intuition
Make your Clairvoyance & Clairaudience stronger or more developed
Attracting Positive Energy to everything around you
Intuitive Healing for you and yours
Removing Mental Blocks that you may have
Divine Protection for not only you but your loved ones
Increase Spiritual Gifts for you and yours
Aid in your Meditation, Scrying  or Divination
Increase your Mental Power
Create Higher Knowledge & Wisdom
Bring you and yours many Blessings
Teach you the secrets of prayer.
And much more !
Because I have attracted so many of these beautiful spirits who wish to help humanity, I am passing some of them on, please see my website for further information. if you are interested in interacting with an enchanted item.